I absolutely love commissions! They're a great way to have fun with my fans and deepen their appreciation and understanding of the arts. Here's how the commission process generally works:


  1.  Using the contact form at the bottom of this page, let me know what kind of work you are interested in. For example, a coyote in the sunset. If you have no idea, that's even more fun! I will help you figure it out.
  2. I will reach out to you so I can get to know you. We can do email, a walk, or whatever you like! Getting to know you will help me make appropriate suggestions for the commissioned work. If the commission is a gift, I will ask about the giftee, such as their interests, and age.
  3. Once we have settled on the direction of the work, I will send you a draft and/or, a color palette proposal, and a commission contract. 
  4. Delivery! And maybe a coffee?


To give you an understanding of the turn-around times for commissioned work, Brandy required about 1 month and Discernment required about 3 months of work. Please note the differences in size and complexities of both pieces.


The cost of a commissioned piece is generally 30% higher than than similar work listed in my Store, due to the extra time spent on preparations.



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